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That So Called All Natural Mattress Maybe Using Kevlar

Many people know someone or have experienced it personally. Skin irratuion rashed hives caused by Detergants softners parfumes and so much more, So when we research and find even a remote possibly of a material that could cause this we stay way. 

Kevlar is a he resistant syuthecthic fiber invented by dupont. It currently is extensivly used in the mattress industry perticulry at the sseems of the mattresss, FOr example the edge of the mattress that has what looks like pipeing is called the tape edge and most like is closed witht eh kevaler trhesad to it is exposed and could come in contact with the skin, 

This material is a insxpeansive way to help the mattress to pass burn testing rewuired by many states. 

 According to http://www.lewcospecialtyproducts.com/Files/Press/K90.pdf In Human data testing kevlar could Cause Skin irritation, 

Skin sensation has not been observed in human skin tests. The mechanical action of the fibers may cause slight skin irritation at clothing binding points and mild irritation of the eyes and nasal passages. Overexposure to the respirable fibers by inhalation may cause mild and temporary upper respiratory irritation with discomfort or cough. Based on animal testing, prolonged and repeated exposure to excessive concentrations may cause permanent lung damage. 

At Eco Latex we have found a way not to use Kevlar in out mattresses. We always air on the safer side for our consumers.