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That So Called All Natural Mattress Maybe Using Glue

Thats Correct Glue. Not only do all natural mattress company use lamination but we know of some organic companies that also laminate the layers. We need to ask with what, The new thing in the industry is factory claims they use a water based mantion but is that safe? We dont know why risk it? It called laminated ing in the mattress industry were the layers inside a mattress are adhered together. Years back Made Without Glues Or Adhesives. Many Claim the glues are non toxic and water based. But without the contents of the glue we dont know. 

At Eco Latex we simply dont take the risk so we have designed our mattresses in a way so we dont have tro laminate the layers in any way. 
The only type of glue we would consider using would be a latex sap directly from a tree no man made glues of any type would be used toxic or even water based glues. 

Regardless if non toxic glues are in fact beign used we need to be deligenint about what is going in the mattress that we will be sleeping on for the next 10 year or more. The colpemaints are enless online regarding smells from mattresses and it causing couph asma docter visits. this could be very well caused by the possiblity of toxic glues used. If you are ok wiht a non toxic water based glue then it would be best to make sure that is what is being used buy the comanpy of intrest. 

We are not saying the water based glues are non toxci. but that is the claim. We went ahead and tried to  track dowm a compennt supler that supllies fabrics and coils and acutall glues to laminated a mattress. So we purchased the can from them. Unsure if this is what other natural mattress comaonies use but this is what we found. 

See the ingreadnets and warning labels. 


We defently suggest to make sure the glues that are used are infact non toxic and would damnad to see the labeleing of the contetns. 

Below is a picture of the ingreadent of a can of glue we purched from a local component supllier for the mattress industry see wahts insde and the warnign label. 

We arent experts in the glues so we arent sure if other have a safer alternitve but this is whjat we found. We deffently would reccmend to get a copy of the ingreadnet frm the manufacture if the mattres is glued or laminated in any way.