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Blissful Organics Story 2nd half

So Ben set out to create Eco Latex a premier organic company in bedding and sleep products for the entire family. Not only will your amazed be amazed by our outstanding line of products, including Organic Pillows, Organic Mattresses, Organic Toppers & Organic Sheets. Blissful Sleep’s goal is to provide the best and safest organic products for your family, guaranteeing a restful, and blissful night’s sleep.

With so many products out in today’s market, it’s hard to truly know whether the bedding product you’re buying for your family is really the best for them. Due to the apparent common practice in today’s business setting to forego safety and quality in order to achieve maximum profits, many mattress and bedding products you see are either poorly constructed, or contain a plethora of harsh chemicals that can cause great harm to your family’s development. In our mind, we want to ensure that your you and your family has the best start in life. With that target in mind, we strive to include nothing but the best when it comes to constructing the best bedding products, with only all-natural organic products that keep your family safe. 

Since starting Blissful Sleep in 2015, Ben transitioned into the next best thing for his customer base, forming an affordable Organic mattress line, Ben is a uprising leader in organic bedding products. Ben’s passion for the industry has stemmed into a new line that has taken the world by storm, introducing a new organic product line of affordable bedding. Our Blissful Sleep Organic line delivers a safe, non-toxic sleeping environment for you and your family, with every component being certified as either all-natural or organic. Ben and his team have sourced out only the best and highest quality materials to use, such as organic certified cotton fabric, organic wool, and Organic latex rubber.

There’s certainly no perfect way to raise a family, but the common denominator is that parent’s want what’s best for their family. As parents support their loved ones, we at Blissful Sleep are here to guide you in your supportive efforts every step of the way. At Blissful Sleep, nothing is more important than family. We only use the best, because WE ARE THE BEST, and both you and your family will immediately notice this after their first night’s sleep, further ensuring that we are your “go to” Organic brand when it comes to anything and everything you may need in order to grow up happy, healthy, and prosperous.