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More reason Organic wool

Organics Supplier Practices Common Wool Industry Practices We Appose
Never Wool fibers are dipped in strong acids to dissolve residual vegetable matter.
Sheep Dipping Never
Sheep are bathed in toxic chemical bath with insecticides and fungicides
Natural unbleached wool In order to get the purest whites and brightest colors, most wool fibers are bleached and dyed.
Mulesing Never Patches of skin off the sheep (to discourage infection and flies from laying eggs in the folds)
Sustainability  Farmers are paid premium for wool when fowling organic farming practices. Sheep stay happy, safe and healthy.   Farmer use cost effective methods to meet a lower price point. But resulting in a lot of negatives as stated above. 

*Some Wool suppliers also meet these same practices. But have not opted not to be certified due to costs or can't be certified do to the pastures not being organic.