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GOLS Organic Latex

Blissful Organics is committed to creating the purest mattress possible. This is why we chose the best materials, such as Certified Organic Latex. Organic latex is the safest and purest latex on the market. The planation farm where the latex is harvested is 100% free of pesticides and herbicides, and is handled with utmost care. Only the best organic latex has been awarded the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certification, and we pride ourselves in only using the best materials possible.

Non Organic latex

“All-Natural” doesn't always mean organic or safe. We don’t talk about blended latex or synthetic because essentially it's the same as buying a memory foam/foam mattress product. Many companies claim to be natural, but natural in the mattress industry means a percentage of natural rubber mixed with synthetic rubber. Synthetic rubber is created from two materials, styrene and butadiene mixed with petroleum. Then there is 100% All Natural latex. Typically all natural latex is poured in the states and transported in liquid form. There is no guarantee that the plantation it comes from is free or pesticide free. But how is it transported? All natural latex transported in liquid form and is mixed with a non-organic agent chemical to stop it from clumping up. Supposedly this chemical is separated from the latex sap.

Non Organic Cotton

What is Organic Latex?

Latex is a material that is harvested from what’s known as the “rubber tree.” Although there are roughly 200 plants in the world that produce latex, over 99% of the world’s natural rubber is made from the latex that comes from a tree species known as “Hevea Brasiliensis,” aka…the rubber tree. Harvested in Asia and India, latex is ethically farmed from these trees, which have a life span of roughly 10 years, to which a new tree will be planted in its place. Unlike rubber tires that are made with oil, latex rubber is established naturally from these tapped rubber trees, which deliver a clean and comfortable sleeping environment.

Currently, rubber is harvested mainly in the form of the latex from rubber trees . The latex is a sticky, milky colloid extracted by making incisions in the bark, and collecting the fluid in vessels. This process is known as "tapping". The latex is then refined into rubber, ready for commercial processing, where it coagulates in a collection cup.

What makes the tapped sap “Organic” is the process and the way its grown to the way the latex is molded. First the latex farm must meet GOLS regulations and standards that states that all rubber trees were grown in an area where no chemical fertilizers were used for a minimum of four years. In addition, all latex is deemed organic upon confirmation that the handling and transport of the material has not been introduced to any chemicals, maintaining its purest form and state. 

Natural vs. Organic

Many times, companies will label their products in a particular way in order to categorize them as healthy and safe. These companies will do this by pasting the word “natural” front and center, attempting to win the hearts of consumers when their products may not in fact be all they make it out to be. It’s best to note that “natural” is not the same as “all-natural,” which typically relates to a products organic/pure state. When a product claims to natural, it may sound well and good, but in reality, that particular product may contain a blend of natural materials and synthetic materials. There are many loopholes that companies try to dance around in order to label themselves as natural. For example, claiming to have an organic cotton pillow that is covered with an organic cotton cover, but is filled with polyesters. At Blissful Organics, we only use 100% all-natural organic materials of the highest quality to ensure your baby has the best night’s sleep.

Organic latex is a form of natural latex, but with an organic seal of approval. The best organic latex mattresses come with a certification from the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). Guarantees you that you are free of a synthetic blended latex product. 

Although latex is ethically farmed, not all latex is 100% natural. With our Blissful Organics products, we in fact use all-natural Organic latex, certified by the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). Many companies mislead customers to thinking they are using all-natural latex, when they actually aren’t. What they fail to mention is their use of other synthetic materials, which are blended in with the latex. In some cases, you will see a product labeled as having a 70/30 ratio, consisting of both natural and synthetic material blends. Unlike these products that misguide its purity, our Blissful Organics products contain latex that only uses certified organic rubber, which will provide nothing short of blissful sleep.

Why Organic?

If you care about the environment, organic is the right choice for you.

Buying organic latex mattresses helps local plantations maintain high standards of sustainability and eco-friendliness. We all have a duty to look after the world we live in, and buying organic helps to fulfil our responsibility. It also encourages people to be thoughtful about using precious resources in a sustainable way that benefits our fellow man

The organic label also guarantees that your mattress has no toxic chemicals or pesticide residue, both inside and outside the mattress. As the organic process prevents the use of chemicals in the plantation, the natural latex is pure, with no unwanted toxic chemicals added. Furthermore, organic means there are no chemicals used in the production process in the factory as well. Because of this, you can rest assured that your mattress isn’t contaminated in any way from the time it leaves the factory, to the time it gets delivered to your home. This makes it a particularly great choice for parents who want to feel safe and comfortable not only about where they are sleeping, but also about where their kids are sleeping as well.

Because of the many health benefits that come with an organic latex mattress, you can sleep guilt free, knowing your mattress is 100% safe and healthy.